Lady Gaga: “House of Gucci is a love letter to Italy”

The pop star in Milan for the premiere: “I found a way to love Patrizia Reggiani”

A “love letter to Italy” but also a message “of profound respect for your culture”. Speak out Lady Gaga and the reporters are kidnapped. The Italian-American star, aka Stefani Germanotta, sums up the Ridley Scott film ‘House of Gucci’ which will be released on December 16th

, which tells the murder of Maurizio Gucci, commissioned by his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani. Long blue dress with flowers edged in red and blonde hair, the queen of pop, 35, shows up at Palazzo Parigi, in Milan, to tell about her role in the role of Patrizia Reggiani, the ‘black widow’ sentenced in 1988 for having hired the hitman who shot the heir Gucci killing him, one spring morning in 1995, as he entered his offices in via Palestro.

It was a wonderful and spiritual experience, an extraordinary journey but also a challenge – Gaga tells reporters -. I played a killer. What he did was deeply wrong, a huge tragedy. I made this film with a great sense of reverence for Italy and the Italians. My dream is to learn Italian perfectly and to act in an Italian production, it would be very nice “. In the film, made between Milan, Como and Rome, Lady Gaga put all of herself, throwing herself headlong into the plot and interpretation of the ‘black widow’, studying every detail of her life, investigating, digging through the photographic archives , and dyeing her hair brown “because I felt embarrassed to act with blonde hair”. To draw inspiration from the character, Gaga took Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren as a reference: “I spent a lot of time watching their films, reflecting and thinking about the Italian business, always speaking with an Italian accent. Mine is an Italian-American family, my father comes from Sicily, it was important for me to have a journalistic approach and find out for myself, by investigating, who the Gucci were “.

Their story, he admits, “somehow reminds me of my family even though we haven’t built an empire like theirs. My father was a shoemaker, which is why I feel so honored … I think of my grandfather Giuseppe Germanotta, he is no longer with us but I know he is looking at me and he is proud of me. “As he speaks his roots are leaked: “It’s always exciting to be here – she says in Italian -. I feel like I could cry and I couldn’t be more grateful.” And some tears, in fact, fall, especially when she mentions her dad. my family, my father keeps crying and I can’t help but think about his tears. To be recognized for something that is so profound … “.

As for Reggiani, he admits, he had a certain bond. “She was told in the media as a gold digger who wanted to marry a member of a rich family – explains Gaga -. But I don’t think there was greed. Patrizia Reggiani was pushed over the edge, a murder took place because everything was focused on the business and not on her, they should have paid attention to her. Patrizia suffered a very strong trauma, she remained a prisoner in a system led by men. She lost everything with the murder: the love of her life, the father of her daughters, she made a huge mistake, an emotional accident but I hold her guilty“. To the ex-lady Gucci “I found a way to love – remarks Lady Gaga – because she was a young girl from Vignola who dreamed big”. Although her story is studded with lights and shadows “it serves to make us understand what happens to women when they are pushed over the edge. The message for women is: if you think you don’t count, hold on, if you survive, try to stay whole “.

She is not lacking in talent in front of the camera. We saw it in ‘A star is born’, for whose soundtrack she won an Oscar and when reporters ask her if she hopes to do an encore with ‘House of Gucci’ Gaga does not hide it: “Winning another Oscar or to have even just the nomination would be a great honor. ” Before leaving the room, with the gaze of all reporters focused on her, Miss Germanotta spends a thought for the health workers who worked on the set of the film, preventing anyone from getting sick. Then he concludes: “Even if we told a story that may seem sexy on the surface, of scandal and murder, we did it with the heart if a project does not have a strong heart that beats underneath it is not important to me”. (by Federica Mochi)