Lady Gaga’s house: a jewel worth over $ 24 million

Do you know what Lady Gaga’s house is like? It is worth over $ 24 million and is a real gem!

Lady Gaga, pseudonym of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is a world star, loved and appreciated everywhere. Hers is a full life, full of commitments, full of success and beauty, but it hasn’t always been a bed of roses. The artist, some time ago, said he was bullied and was the victim of rape at 19.

Have you ever seen Lady Gaga’s house in Malibu? (source getty)

She has managed to move on and experience the pain to try to put it behind her, however difficult and often impossible it may be. When it was awarded the Oscars in 2019, with the best original song, ‘Shallow‘, the soundtrack of’ A Star is Born ‘, she indulged in very important and meaningful words. He said that no matter how many times you fall in life, it counts, instead, how many times you get up, with courage. Actress and songwriter, certainly, even for the star, there is no shortage of small moments of rest. And what is the best place to relax in peace? Obviously, in his home. Have you ever seen it? Do you know the details of his house in Malibu? Let’s find out together.

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Have you ever seen Lady Gaga’s house? It is worth over $ 24 million

Actress and songwriter, in recent years, we have been able to appreciate Lady Gaga for her music and her acting skills. In 2019, at the Oscars, she was awarded the best original song, Shallow, soundtrack of the film A star is born, which saw her starring alongside Bradley Cooper.

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The artist began to get acclaim and success many years ago, when she was very young and today she has become a world star. We know a lot about her, but do you know what her house is like? Let’s talk about the Malibu abode, because, it would seem that the one in Los Angeles was sold by the artist. Apparently, the villa belonged to Dan Romanelli, founder of Warner Brothers, and is located in Zuma Beach.

Lady Gaga
source getty

It is 1000 square meters and is worth over 24 million dollars. It would seem that, this piece of paradise is equipped with a very large kitchen, a gym, a study, many living areas and everything is connected by an elevator, which leads to a ‘cave’. The furnishings range from rustic to modern, with stone floors and exposed beams, the same floor as found in the other rooms. The rooms all have a four-poster bed. The cave, on the other hand, is made up of one cinema room, two bowling alleys and a wine shop with over 300 bottles of wine. Finally, we find the external part of the villa, with an immense space, in which there is a riding stable for horses, a salt water swimming pool and a cottage. It would seem that Lady Gaga’s house in Malibu is crazy!