Laetitia Casta reveals the reason why there was no marriage with the well-known Italian actor

Only now Laetitia Casta reveals the reason why there was no marriage with the famous Italian actor: you would never have guessed.

Successful actress and model: Laetitia Casta she is an artist at 360 degrees! Recently, she told herself to Il corriere della sera. And the story she brought out is truly unedited. She really talked about everything about her in this interview – just like Gabriele Muccino did a few weeks ago – revealing the reason why there was no marriage with the famous Italian actor.

Why was there no marriage with the famous Italian actor? Laetitia Casta reveals the reason. Credits: Instagram

There are many characters from the show who usually tell each other at 360 degrees during their interviews with newspapers or weeklies. For example, Cristina D’Avena, who let go of a sad confession about the past, did it recently, but also Laetitia Casta. From her childhood to her career and life as a mum, the actress talked about herself like never before. It is precisely on this occasion that, years later, she revealed what pushed her not to marry her partner, with whom she had a relationship from 2003 to 2013. Do you know who we are talking about? He is a very famous actor!

Why was there no marriage between Laetitia Casta and the famous actor? Years later he reveals the reason

Currently married and mother of three children, Laetitia Casta he could not help but retrace the salient stages of his life. And reveal why her marriage to the famous actor didn’t happen. It was exactly 2003 when the beautiful model and actress was paired with a beloved Italian interpreter. Exactly 10 years after their union and some time after the birth of their children, the two said ‘goodbye’. We do not know what prompted them to take two different paths, but we can tell you that the marriage it wasn’t there for a specific reason. Do you know who we are talking about? Just about him: Stefano Accorsi!

“We never got married, I wasn’t interested in marriage. Then I changed my mind “, this is precisely the reason that led Laetitia Casta not to marry Stefano Accorsi. Would you have ever imagined it?

Is Stefano Accorsi engaged today?

Having established that Laetitia Casta got married in 2017, what do we know about Stefano Accorsi? Perhaps not everyone knows, but even the famous actor got married in 2015 to a very young woman.

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Credits: instagram

They are beautiful, right?