Lali Esposito joins the trend of mesh fabric and neon colors to win all eyes

Lali Espósito, Argentine actress, singer and songwriter, is undoubtedly synonymous with style and this has been demonstrated with one of her most recent looks which went viral in social networks. The artist posed in a net outfit to instagram driving his fans and followers crazy.

actress and singer Lali Esposito who began acting as a child at the beginning of the 2000s in various children’s and youth programs run by Cris Morena, is currently a success in the social networks. Thus, only on Instagram the star of “Casi Ángeles” has 12 million followers.

The Argentine celebrity who stands out in instagram She stands out for having changed her look over the years, leaving behind a childish style to become quite a prostrate. Recently Lali Esposito she performed a concert at the Vélez stadium, becoming the first Argentine woman to fill a stadium in her country; she at that time she social networks from all over Argentina echoed the great spectacle.

The last tour of the artist that has just started and is called “lali World Tour”. In her performances, like the pop diva she is, Lali Esposito He uses various outfits, capturing all eyes for his unique sense of fashion. This same fashionista side makes her followers pay attention to each of the looks that she shares in instagramwhich are then replicated in the rest of the social networks.

Source: Instagram Lali

It is so Lali Esposito She was on the cover of Cosmopolitan Spain and took the stage in Valencia where she made an impact with her look. The artist wore a neon green mesh outfit consisting of a crop top and a draped miniskirt with a shiny silver appliqué on the front with which she captured all eyes at social networks. The look became popular in instagram where his fans shared the images.

Source: Instagram Lali