Lampedusa migrants, Musk against Germany

The tycoon comments on a video without confirmation on the news, Berlin replies

Elon Musk ‘argues’ with Germany in a discussion on migrants and landings in Lampedusa. On the social network Musk retweeted the post with a question: “Is the German public aware of all this?” The German Foreign Ministry responded with a peremptory post: “Yes, it’s called saving lives.”

Musk vs. Soros

In recent days, again in relation to the migrant topic, Musk attacked George Soros, accusing the American philanthropist’s foundation of “wanting nothing less than the destruction of Western civilization”. Musk’s comment appeared in response to a user’s post about the massive arrivals of migrants in Lampedusa, which referred to an “invasion led by George Soros”.

Musk on the US-Mexico border

The topic of migrants is discussed by Musk on a particular day: the tycoon is currently on the border between the United States and Mexico, as demonstrated by the published video. “Illegal immigration must stop, but I am all for expanding and simplifying legal immigration,” he writes. “Anyone who proves himself to be a hard worker, a quality, honest person should have a chance to become an American. Period,” he adds.