Lampedusa migrants, Red Cross will manage hotspots. Mayor: “It’s a turning point”

Also two vessels for fast transfers. Commissioner Valenti today on the island

Two ships for fast transfers of migrants and management ofhotspots entrusted at the Red Cross. These are the main novelties that emerged after the visit of the prefect Valerio Valenti in Lampedusa. Accompanied by the prefect of Agrigento Maria Rita Cocciufa, by the commissioner Emanuele Ricifari, by the delegates of the Red Cross itself and by the mayor Filippo Manninothe commissioner for the migrant emergency visited the structure in the Imbriacola district.

“We have faced various problems and on the two most important there seems to be a change of pace, a turn“, the mayor tells Adnkronos. First of all, the management of the hotspot. “In the next few days it should be entrusted to the Red Cross, a guarantee in terms of professionalism and respect for the standards of reception and human dignity”. Then the rapid transfers necessary to empty the structure and avoid overcrowding.”Two ships will be made available – explains Mannino – for the rapid transfer of migrants to the mainland in this period of massive arrivals”.

Hotspots, but not only. “With Commissioner Valenti we also talked about the small boats, waste collection, health care. As regards waste, for example, an ad hoc regulation is being prepared at national level to allocate resources to the Municipalities of the smaller islands which address this problem of migratory flows”, says the mayor. The goal is reduce the impact of reception on the territory. “Lampedusa is an island of 20 square kilometers with logistical problems that do not allow for a massive presence of people, who have different needs starting with health care, needs we cannot meet due to the absence of basic services All these years we have demonstrated inordinate humanity, acceptance and solidarity, courageous choices are now needed by the Government, but above all by Europe. We need to give strong support to our territory and these first measures seem to go in this direction”.

And the state of emergency declared by the Meloni government to deal with the increase in arrivals on the Italian coast? “If it helps to solve the problems immediately, so be it – says Mannino -. I have been repeating for some time that it is necessary work in a structural logic and, at the European level, completely review the rules also in the face of what is happening in the Mediterranean. This mass of people on the move and looking for a new life is not a problem for Italy and, even less, for Lampedusa, it concerns, instead, the whole of Europe which must make courageous choices: deciding whether these people should be welcomed and integrated or stopped at the origin. However, it is important to move and not stand still. This is why I fully agree with President Mattarella’s call”. (by Rossana Lo Castro)