Landini: “A real confrontation with the government will open or it will be mobilization”

Today the meeting of the trade unions with the executive at Palazzo Chigi. The CGIL leader: “Just call us to things already decided, let’s evaluate what to do”. The trade unionist asks Draghi for answers on taxes and pensions. And he reiterates: “The employees and pensioners pay 85% of the personal income tax, the 8 billion must all go to them”

Palazzo Chigi has convened the trade unions for today. The general secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini hopes that “a real discussion table will open, because – he declared in an interview with Corriere della Sera – up to now they have only informed us of the agreements reached by the majority”. For the trade unionist “it is important that there is a discussion to change the choices contained in the budget law”, and therefore he hopes that “things will change” in relations with the government (ALL NEWS ON THE MANEUVER). Otherwise “we will evaluate with CISL and UIL what to do after the meeting”. The general strike option is not discarded. “Without results – he declares -, we will have to tighten up the forms of mobilization”. The trade unionist does not like the Irpef maneuver, because “it has very limited benefits for incomes of up to 35 thousand euros”. Behind there is “an idea of ​​reversed progressiveness and no action is taken either on tax evasion or on great wealth”. The number one of the CGIL then hopes for a “fight against insecurity” and “too many contracts that authorize forms of insecurity”. Better a law that introduces a “single employment contract”, explains Landini (THE UNIONS BOCCIANO LA MANOVRA).

Landini: government to give answers on tax and pensions

The number one of the CGIL, in an interview with Radio too, then added: “I expect the Prime Minister to give precise answers on taxation, pensions and precariousness, with measures to overcome it and try to create stable jobs”. Landini must protect pensions and lower wages, cut by the increase in prices and penalized by the pandemic. The trade unionist reiterated that the eight billion for the tax authorities must all go to dependent work, thus avoiding dedicating one to IRAP. “I hope that before making decisions you should compare yourself with us, that you do not just inquire. So it doesn’t work. Employees and pensioners pay 85% of the personal income tax and we represent employees and retirees. If we talk about taxes and personal income tax, we think we have a say since we are the ones who keep the country on its feet “.

The clash on the Irpef

Landini is asking to change the reform in the sense of greater progressiveness, giving greater advantages to those with low incomes and avoiding giving advantages to those with very high income. “It cannot exist that a reform is made for which for 85% there is some limited result and up to 15 thousand euros almost nothing and to think that those who take more than 100 thousand euros will get 180 euros. There is something that is not right. In addition, a tax reform worthy of the name also needs to intervene on tax evasion and financial income “.