Landini: “The four-day working week is also needed in Italy”

The general secretary of the CGIL spoke about it in an interview with “La Stampa”, anticipating the proposal that will be made during the mid-March congress. “With new technologies, businesses have greater productivity and can redistribute wealth,” he explained

In an interview granted to the newspaper “La Stampa”, the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini announced that, at the mid-March congress, the proposal of a four-day working week will be launched, already successfully tested in other countries, among which the United Kingdom. “With the new technologies, companies have greater productivity and can redistribute wealth”, explained the secretary of the Confederation, for which incentives would be desirable for companies that agree to cut working hours.

Between precariousness and a new statute

In a wider-ranging analysis, Landini then touched on other themes, from precariousness to a new statute for workers. “It is crucial that politics restart from the participation of people, and I continue to think that the issue is to put the needs of those who need to work to live”, underlined the CGIL leader. “The goal must be to overcome of precariousness, the right to self-fulfilment in one’s work, with reforms that redistribute wealth”. All of this, he concluded, starting “from a real tax reform and a new statute of workers’ rights that puts an end to the competition between employees and the self-employed”. This, according to Landini, “in a framework of public policies based on the right to health, knowledge and decent work”.