Landini: “Too much precariousness, young people are leaving Italy”

On the maneuver: “General strike if budget law will be like Nadef”

Let’s go to the streets to “defend the Constitution”, in Italy “there is too much precariousness and young people are leaving”. Thus the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, guest on Il Cavallo e la Torre on Rai3, in view of the demonstration on 7 October.

If the attacks on the leader of the CGIL and his union are growing “it is because they are afraid and they are afraid that people will return to the streets”, says Landini. “I’m not worried, I will defend myself because when there are slanders going around you defend yourself. I’m considering protecting the CGIL”, he adds.

“I think it is necessary to deal with real issues – says Landini – I think the event on 7 October will be very important, I foresee a great participation”.

As for the maneuver, “if the budget law follows the logic of the Nadef, that is, cuts to healthcare, a tax reform that does not exist, a cut in pensions, a worsening, then we will also ask the other organizations to go on a general strike“.