Lando Buzzanca died, the actor was 87 years old

Buzzanca was hospitalized at the Hospice Gemelli Medical Center. The son to Adnkronos: “he passed away peacefully”

Lando Buzzanca has died. His son Massimiliano confirms this to Adnkronos. The 87-year-old actor from Palermo had been hospitalized for about two weeks at the Hospice Gemelli Medical Center. “He passed away peacefully around 2 pm. Yesterday I came to see him – says Massimiliano Buzzanca – and I think he recognized me because he wanted to get up. I convinced him to stay in bed. Sure, his conditions weren’t the best, but I hoped that at least this Christmas he could spend with us. When they called me to tell me that he had gotten worse, I was leaving the house to visit him, but I arrived late”.

As soon as the news of Lando Buzzanca’s death spread, there are already dozens of posts on social networks expressing their condolences for the disappearance of the popular actor: “Have a safe journey, beloved Lando”. “You are an icon of a kind era that will never come back,” writes one user. “You’ve made me laugh since I was a kid, he rest in peace,” adds another. “An actor who for us in the 60s was a point of reference with his films”, observes someone. “We will miss you”. Among the many comments, there are also those who observe that the actor would have deserved different attention: “A great talent who would have deserved much more space. One of the many ‘victims’ of the usual obtuse and politicized criticism”, says the user.