Landscapers, the trailer of the series with Olivia Colman

The case of a double crime hidden for fifteen years is about to be reopened to reveal a chilling truth. “Landscapers”, based on a true story, is coming to the small screen, streaming on Sky, later this year (on HBO Max from December 6). This is confirmed by the new trailer, available online that shows the protagonists Olivia Colman and David Thewlis in action. The show is a new project developed by Sister for Sky Studios and HBO and is preparing to repeat the success of the previous production, the acclaimed miniseries “Chernobyl”.

A miniseries inspired by a true story

Audiences will certainly be won over by the new interpretation of Olivia Colman, British actress who won the Oscar in 2019. Hers Susan Edwards, the Nottinghamshire woman who in 1998 killed and buried her parents with her husband’s complicity, appears extremely convincing in the images of the trailer that precedes the airing of “Landscapers”, a serial show, soon available to the public. The cast seems to be one of the strengths of the miniseries: alongside Colman stands the excellent interpretation of the actor David Thewlis who plays the role of Christopher Edwards, husband and accomplice of the heinous crime.
Alongside the cast, certainly notable, the trailer anticipates some sequences of the dialogues that reveal the quality of the script work behind “Landscapers”. Author of the script, Olivia Colman’s husband, Ed Sinclair. The two are also the producers of the show with the new company called “South of the River Pictures”. The authors, who have had access to the real protagonists of the story, have managed to write a fictional script in which there will be details taken from harsh reality.
The miniseries is inspired, in fact, by a case of crime that really happened in the United Kingdom when the discovery, in 2013, of two corpses in the back garden of an ordinary house turned the spotlight on an absolutely unsuspected married couple.

The black humor of Alexander Paine

The new HBO / Sky miniseries will consist of four episodes and identifies itself from the outset as a high quality product in which the story proceeds by digressions that quote classic cinema in an original way. To direct the show the director Alexander Paine, nominated several times for Academy Awards and Golden Globes for his screenplays and for the films he directed, including “Paradiso Amaro” (2011) and “Downsizing” (2017). Paine’s works, even the dramatic ones, are characterized by a certain sense of humor and it seems that even “Landscapers” possesses this stylistic figure, as evident from the first images that show a amazing Olivia Colman completely at ease in the role of the cruel and naive protagonist. For her another truly “British” role, at the height of the more than famous precedents for cinema and TV.