Landslide in Ginostra, appeal to Musumeci ‘Isolation risk’

A landslide on the island of Stromboli, which occurred yesterday, risks isolating the inhabitants of the Ginostra hamlet. This is the complaint of some citizens who have launched an appeal and written to the President of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci and to the Civil Protection, as well as the Prefect to the Mayor, to “report a further and dangerous landslide that occurred yesterday”. “It should be noted that on the night of 11/23/2021 an immense landslide occurred in the Ginostra locality (port area) until it touched the houses above and the war memorial with the only access road to the village – wrote Gianluca in the letter Giuffrè and the other inhabitants of the village-Currently a large pile of unstable boulders weighing several tons, barely held by the now torn wire mesh, looms dangerously on the access road to the Civil Protection wharf “.

“An urgent inspection is requested in order to assess the extent of the damage and the procedures for urgent and urgent intervention to remove the danger to people and things”, says Giuffrè. “With the hope that this notification will not only result in the interdiction of places – for years we have been signaling such potential scenarios in the hope of never reaching this point – but that it will be the driving force for the urgent removal of the danger and the contextual decisive intervention. of safety measures. Living under an active volcano it is essential that access to the escape routes is safe and at this moment the whole village risks isolation from one moment to the next. Confident in your work, we await feedback “.