Landslide in Ischia, the precedents

In Casamicciola Terme there were 11 deaths in 1910, one in 1987 as in 2009

Landslides have already occurred in the area of ​​Casamicciola Terme in Ischia which have caused loss of human lives, including in 1910, during a very intense event, floods with high solid transposition, collapses and numerous widespread instability caused 11 deaths. This is what emerges from the data in the Cnr Irpi catalogue. In more recent years, a victim was recorded in 1987, when a rock collapse destroyed a restaurant, and finally in 2009, also in November, a flow of mud and debris overwhelmed and killed a fourteen-year-old girl.

In Ischia, 126 mm of rain was reached in six hours, a figure never reached in the last 20 years, observes the Cnr. The rain gauges on the island of Ischia located near Casamicciola Terme recorded heavy rains starting from midnight on November 25th. In particular, the maximum hourly rainfall peak on the two closest rain gauges was 51.6 mm in Forio and 50.4 mm in Monte Epomeo. The 6-hour cumulative rains (between 00:00 on 11/25 and 06 on 11/26) provide a value of 126 mm, in the last 20 years, the period for which we have access to rain gauge data. This figure had never been reached in the observed period and represents an index of rain severity.

The Casamicciola area in which the rains caused the landslide and the damages recorded – the Cnr informs again – is an area of ​​the island in which various authors have recognized and described numerous landslide events with damage both to the territory and to the houses, spas and also to people. The maps of the Hydrogeological Structure Plans (PAI in fact report very high landslide hazard values ​​for these areas of the island of Ischia.