Landslide Ischia, a woman died. The missing are sought

The appeal: “Leave your homes”. There would be three injured, about 130 displaced. Rescued a family with a newborn

Landslide in Ischia at Casamicciola Terme. There is one dead, a 30-year-old woman whose body was found. According to Adnkronos, three were injured. They are still looking for 10 missing, while there are about 130 displaced people, some settled in the sports hall, others in hotels.

The prefect of Naples Claudio Palomba, who spoke on Tg1, launched an appeal “to people who are afraid to leave their homes: we will settle everyone in a hotel, but leave your home for these days”, said Palomba to those in the red zone of Casamicciola Terme on the island. The rescue operations, the prefect said, “were extremely difficult because the bad weather abandoned, so much so that the helicopters of the fire brigade, finance and civil protection were unable to land. But we also have drones in operation, generators for civil protection and firefighters and we will continue to intervene”.

Among the injured was a 60-year-old who, according to Adnkronos, was hospitalized in the Trauma Center ward of the Cardarelli hospital in Naples with a reserved prognosis. The man suffered multiple crush injuries. Two other wounded, not life threatening, are hospitalized in Rizzoli because they are less serious. The lifeless body of the woman, currently the only confirmed victim, was also brought to the same hospital.

Rescue a family consisting of a husband, wife and a newborn baby which, as announced by the prefect of Naples, was recovered and taken to the Rizzoli hospital in Lacco Ameno.

“There are still missing people,” said Gaetano Manfredi, mayor of the metropolitan city of Naples who today attended the Rescue Coordination Center in the Prefecture. “The situation is now emerging more precisely, because unfortunately the problem was that due to the absolutely prohibitive weather conditions, because we have a force 9 sea and a wind that makes it impossible for helicopters to land and take off, the picture has been able to compose only recently,” he continued.

The landslide was generated in the upper part of via Celario and reached the seafront in piazza Anna De Felice, overwhelming two houses and some parked cars, dragged to the sea. The Carabinieri, the Civil Protection and the Municipal Police intervened on the spot. The firefighters were also present, reinforcements were sent from Naples.

They turn out the connections by sea to Ischia from Naples have been interrupted, while only trips from Pozzuoli are guaranteed with priority for the rescue teams expected on the island. The ASL Napoli 2 Nord has activated the ambulance.

MATTARELLA – The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has reportedly called the mayor of the metropolitan city of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, to express closeness to what happened in Casamicciola and gratitude for the work of the rescuers.

TAJANI – “The Government is determined to do whatever is needed, the Prime Minister also said during his speech at the meeting with all those in charge of the relief efforts” reports the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.

MUSUMECIS – “As a Government we are ready to adopt the first necessary intervention measures in financial terms” said Musumeci, Minister of Civil Protection, speaking in the Prefecture in Naples where he attended the meeting of the Rescue Coordination Center. “The head of Civil Protection Curcio has already prepared the document with interventions for the first operations”.

“Sooner or later we have to think about structural prevention. It is not possible to do it only when the alarm goes off and then we forget it afterwards” said the Minister of Civil Protection Nello Musumeci. “The greatest public work to be carried out in the coming years – underlined Musumeci – is the safety of our territory, which is fragile and vulnerable”.

CURCIO – “We are closing the operational administrative deed for request a state of emergency” said Fabrizio Curcio, head of the Civil Protection Department, in the Prefecture in Naples. “We are waiting to connect with the Region – explained Curcio – to formalize the act to thus allow the mayors to be even more operational”. “It will also work at night with the headlights, but this does not help the operational action today, already particularly difficult due to the weather conditions”. “It is too early to calculate the damage, but there were several. This mudslide was destructive at the top and then went overboard.”

PLANTED – “70 men from the fire brigade and about twenty vehicles are operational, including aircraft, helicopters, drones and earthmoving vehicles” says the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, to the microphones of Tg3. “It is difficult to get the emergency vehicles to arrive for adverse weather conditions both by sea and by air, now it is important not to congest, it will be necessary to intervene also in the next few days”, he explained. “The situation is very serious, they are looking for the missing, they are people under the mud who therefore do not answer the calls”, the minister told Tg2. “It’s a very complicated situation,” he adds.

CALDEROLI – “I feel dismay for the many missing due to the Ischia landslide and apprehension for the many displaced people, I would like to express my closeness to the affected population, which we will now help in every possible way” declares the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Roberto Calderoli. “In the meantime, heartfelt thanks to all the rescuers who are working tirelessly to save lives and thanks to all those who are bringing first aid to the citizens of the affected area”.

“This landslide – he adds – follows the tragic storm that cost too many human lives in the Marche by a few weeks and confirms the need to face the reality of an area unfortunately at risk throughout the country from north to south. We must prevent, we need a real plan to secure mountains, valleys, streams and the galaxy of small municipalities located in mountain areas from hydrogeological risk. We need to secure our territories and we can do it by also exploiting the resources available thanks to the Pnrr”. “Now let’s think about relief , let’s think about saving lives and helping families, but starting Monday we’ll think about a national plan for the safety of our territory”.

DE LUCA – “The Campania Region deems it necessary to ask for a state of emergency for the island of Ischia and the territories affected by these disastrous atmospheric events” declares the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, expressing “thanks to the forces of the regional and national Civil Protection, to the forces of order, to the volunteers, to the healthcare personnel, for their commitment from tonight”.

“From the first checks carried out, there are 150 families who will not be able to return to their homes due to dangerous situations and hydrogeological conditions. Together with the search for the missing, the other serious emergency is the housing one, for which the Region is defining the most appropriate solutions together with the mayors, guaranteeing conditions of full safety”. “We will report this further and serious situation to the Prime Minister and to the Civil Protection, with the aim of avoiding the prolongation of precarious conditions for the displaced persons. It is essential, given the impossibility for families to return to their homes in the areas most affected, define the transfer to another place, in safety. This is the other serious emergency that worries us in these hours “, concludes De Luca.

BISHOP OF ISCHIA – The population of Ischia “affected again by this natural disaster”. The bishop of Ischia, mgr. Gennaro Pascarella, and the diocese of Ischia, “united in pain and prayer for the population affected again by this natural disaster”, mobilized to bring aid to the population in the emergency of landslides in the area. The diocese makes it known that it has made available, “as the first reception facilities for the families of Casamicciola, the Pope Francis Center in Via Morgioni in Ischia and the Citadel of Charity in Monterone in Forio. We invite everyone to stay at home if not for reasons of necessity”.

CASAMICCIOLA PARISH – “A dead woman, a dozen missing. In thirteen years, three trials. There is pain, it hurts because it is the third time it repeats itself. We hope it will be the decisive time to make intelligent choices mature for our territory”. Don Gaetano Pugliese, parish priest of Casamicciola and vicar general of the diocese of Ischia, questioned by Adnkronos, gives voice to his pain at the news of the first victim of the landslide in Casamicciola, for those who are still missing, and because, as he says, “from the tragedies we continue to learn nothing. Everyone looks to their own interests, to their own house. We have already experienced the situation with the earthquake. We hope that this tragedy will lead to other types of choices for the area”. “As a diocese and as Caritas – he observes – we are organizing aid and the reception of displaced people together with the Civil Protection. Then the news suddenly overflows and caution is needed even in this sad update of data”.

Not only Casamicciola in the emergency, also the upper area of ​​Lacco, “affected by the 2017 earthquake is invaded by mud. The inconveniences are resolved, also thanks to the chain of solidarity that is created every time, the problem – observes the priest – is face things decisively. We struggle, even from my Christian angle, to develop the awareness of active citizenship that intelligently promotes the destiny of our territory”. The vicar general of the diocese of Ischia reflects again: “We cannot throw the sentence only on our rulers, on the administrators because it concerns us all. Of course then in thirteen years, three trials, in the same territory. Let’s hope that this is the time for action intelligent”.