Landslide Ischia, looking for the last missing person. Over 400 displaced

Eleven victims so far. Yesterday the emergency plan for the evacuation of the residents of the red zone was launched, Legnini: “54 families did not want to leave their homes”

Rest from the bad weather on the island of Ischia, where 200 firefighters are once again engaged in the searches for the last missing woman, Maria Teresa Arcamone, after the landslide that caused 11 victims and hundreds of displaced people. “At the moment it is not raining on the island and the search for the last missing girl and the work of assistance to the population continue. 220 firefighters at work today”, tweeted the firefighters. “I’m 341, at the moment, the people hosted in hotels in Ischia, removed as a precaution from their homes, 90 those who have found independent accommodationin most cases with family members,” said Ischia’s flood commissioner, John Legnini, adding that “the removal will continue until tomorrow morning, then we will evaluate the weather evolution”. “54 families living in the red area of ​​Casamicciola, in Ischia, who did not want to leave their homes”. Against them, Legnini explained, “the forces of order are carrying out a work of convincing and persuading, with the notification of the evacuation order issued yesterday”.

“The operation as a whole was successful. The plan to move people away from homes worked”, said the commissioner for flooding in Ischia. “We had the need to anticipate the provision following the yellow weather alert starting at 12 yesterday – explained Legnini -. The conditions of necessity, urgency and duty to adopt the measures had been created. The anticipation of the operations by three hours made it possible to complete a very difficult and well done job – he highlighted -. And that is: approve and definitively delimit the red zone, define the expeditious plan for the removal, define the agreement with Federalberghi for the reception of people. In addition, the regional civil protection has set up vehicles, buses, collection points and sorting centers”.

On the island primary schools could reopen on Monday 5 December while for upper-level schools, the reopening could be on Wednesday”, says Giovanni Legnini, adding that a meeting with all the mayors will be held at 12.

The emergency plan for the evacuation of citizens from the red areas was triggered yesterday afternoon, when the yellow weather alert issued by the Civil Protection came into force. With the shuttles made available by the prefectural commissioner of the Municipality of Casamicciola, Simonetta Calcaterra, citizens residing in the red area who have not independently taken steps to find hospitality in other homes or with relatives or friends have been transported to the collection center set up in the Palazzetto of the sport of Ischia. From here the citizens were then taken to hotels and accommodation facilities, where they will remain until the state of alert is lifted. The fragile subjects, on the other hand, were given priority directly to the hotels, with ambulances where it was deemed necessary. The plan, which will last until 4 pm tomorrow today, identifies “red areas”, where the preventive removal of the population is ordered, and green areas where, on the other hand, there is the possibility of citizens staying on condition that the indications are respected , including behavioural, given by the Civil Protection. These last indications are also suggested for the remaining part of the municipal territory of Casamicciola.

Meanwhile, in the locality of Serrara Fontana, the Carabinieri of the Barano di Ischia station have denounced a local resident for illegal building. The military ascertained that the man, owner of a building, had carried out construction work without any authorization and in an area also subject to landscape restrictions. Three concrete ‘skeletons’ seized for an area of ​​100 square meters.