Landslide Ischia, Musumeci: “We fear a thousand Municipalities in Italy without a Civil Protection plan”

The Minister for Civil Protection and Marine Policies: “Prefect could be the authority most responsible for the demolition of illegal building”

“We fear they are about a thousand municipalities in Italy without a municipal civil protection plan because it is often considered a useless tool, a photocopy to keep in the records”. This is what the Minister for Civil Protection and Marine Policies, Nello Musumeci said in his speech at Porta a Porta.

“There are many who have not adopted it and those who have not always subjected it to constant updating in order to ‘read’ the territory and represent its fragility – added Musumeci – many Municipalities claim that they do not have the technical staff capable of drafting these plans. It is necessary to support the Municipalities in the drafting of these tools. The Civil Protection Plan is the first tool on which a rescuer must prepare his own action. It is an essential duty”.

BUILDING ABUSES – “One of the hypotheses that I will put on the table in the working group that I wanted to set up in agreement with President Meloni and my government colleagues is to find a reasonable and the prefect could be the authority most responsible for the demolition of illegal building, behind which criminal organizations often hide”. You could also intervene with the military engineers. I am autonomous by nature but for some matters I believe that the State becomes essential if not indispensable, the demolition of houses at the moment in Ischia is not the immediate solution to an impending problem such as hydrogeological instability”.

RISK OF RAIN – “What seemed like a limited area has now expanded because the persistent rain could cause new landslides. And therefore the danger for the inhabitants of that neighbourhood, that area, for those houses that have remained standing, could be imminent”. for various reasons, including fear of looting. On the other hand, over 200 displaced people have already accepted hospitality”, concludes Musumeci.