Landslide Ischia, Northern League pro amnesty: “Abusiveness has nothing to do with it”

“Maintenance was lacking” Severino Nappi told AdnKronos

We must separate the problem of unauthorized use from that of hydrogeological instability, otherwise we won’t do justice to the dead of Ischia”. This is what Severino Nappi, group leader of the League at the regional council of Campania, tells AdnKronos, who was among the supporters of the amnesty at the time of the Conte I government and among those who said no to the bulldozers for the demolition of illegal structures, a few months ago. Nappi does not back down: “The dramatic event of Ischia – he underlines – is something that repeats itself periodically, a disaster that depends on the absence of urban maintenance”, a responsibility that ” it belongs to the metropolitan city and to the region itself”. For the Northern League who had Campania covered with his electoral posters in which the slogan was “Building amnesty immediately! vote for Nappi”, the maintenance of the “riverbeds with the reversed omegas that were used to attract water” was lacking.

“Already in 1910 the 10 deaths on the island from a similar landslide were due to this problem, reported by civil engineering at the beginning of the 20th century”, he recalls. “Now – he explains – unloading these shortcomings on illegal use does an injustice to today’s dead and to the truth”. “In Casamicciola there are illegal houses and houses that are not, but the theme here is another: the Campania region has had hundreds of millions of euros of European funds destined to prevent hydrogeological instability that have not been used”, says Nappi with reference to what happened in Casamicciola.

“It must be said that there are other bombs ready to explode, starting from Sarno”, he warns. On the subject of illegality there are situations to be evaluated: “Many amnesty practices have not been processed, nor can an illegal skyscraper in Positano and a small house in the village be evaluated in the same way”. Did I say no to bulldozers against illegal structures? “Yes, it’s true, because there are illegal houses of necessity, that is first homes, perhaps owned by people who have not had licenses or who bought from unscrupulous building owners”.

“I – adds the Northern League – think that even for these” abatement “interventions, a graduation is needed, not the roulette of abatements, which affect poor people, who do not have great protections and lawyers”. “Of course – he concludes – I’m also ready to change my opinion, but only if they explain to us if they explain to us, remaining in Campania, where they would put the waste materials of 150,000 homes and where they will let 500,000 people from Campania sleep who risk being left homeless”.