Landslide Ischia, one more night away from home for displaced persons

The return only after the checks, 430 buildings to check. Order signed

One more night away from home for the displaced people of the Ischia landslide. The commissioner of the Municipality of Casamicciola, Simonetta Calcaterra, signed theordinance which “orders with immediate effect” the population residing in the homes of the red area “not to return to them until the usability of each one has been positively verified, in relation to both static and induced hydrogeological risks”. The contents of the ordinance had been anticipated during a press conference held by the Ischia emergency commissioner Giovanni Legnini and by the same commissioner Calcaterra at the end of the meeting of the municipal operations center of Casamicciola. The houses involved are the same identified by the previous ordinance with which the area deemed most at risk following the landslide of 26 November was cleared. The ordinance signed today by Commissioner Calcaterra adopts the opinion of the head of the technical area of ​​the Municipality, in which it is underlined that “many areas of the municipal territory identified as ‘red area’ are still difficult to navigate” and that “it is necessary to proceed the usability checks of the buildings included in the red area involved in the event of 26 November, in relation to both static and induced hydrogeological risks, with the exception of those declared unusable and cleared following the earthquake of 21 August 2017, with appropriate inspections.

Landslide in Ischia, the return home for people evicted from homes in the risk areas of Casamicciola will take place only after the appropriate checks on the buildings, which will resume tomorrow morning. This was explained by the government commissioner for the emergency in Ischia John Legniniduring a press conference following a City Operations Center summit held in the afternoon.

Despite the yellow weather alert no longer being in effect today, Legnini underlined, the second of the assumptions underlying the ordinance issued by the commissioner of the Municipality of Casamicciola Simonetta Calcaterra remains, and that is “the identification of the buildings, as well as unusable, even in a situation of external risk classified as red or yellow following the landslide of November 26. Until different assessments are made from those made by the National Fire Brigade with geologists and the regional civil protection management , it will be necessary to extend the provision that the commissioner had issued”.

The ordinance issued by the extraordinary commissioner of the Municipality of Casamicciola inviting citizens residing in areas at risk to leave their homes “did not expire today at 4 pm, but it was clearly written on the ordinance that it remained in force ‘until revoked’ “, underlined the government commissioner for the emergency in Ischia Giovanni Legnini. The validity of the ordinance did not therefore expire today at 4 pm, at the expiry of the yellow weather alert issued by the Civil Protection of Campania. “Those who have returned home in these hours will have to observe the new ordinance”, reiterated Legnini, anticipating that the commissioner of the Municipality of Casamicciola Simonetta Calcaterra will sign in the evening.

“Tomorrow morning the hydrogeological risk monitoring activity on the island of Ischia will begin, through instrumentation and professionalism of excellence. The activities will continue because we express concerns, micro phenomena of instability and landslides are also occurring in these hours and in these days in several points of the island”, said the government commissioner for the emergency in Ischia John Legninicontinuing: “Both for the purposes of identifying extremely urgent and safety works that will need to be planned very soon, and for the purposes of acquiring information to be able to make a plan to combat hydrogeological instability, therefore to secure the island d’Ischia, these monitoring activities will continue in the ways and times that we will define shortly, but in the meantime they start tomorrow morning”.

In the meantime, the schools on the island of Ischia will reopen tomorrow, except in the municipality of Casamicciola, confirmed the prefect of Naples Claudius Palomba at the end of today’s summit. “The Casamicciola schools – Calcaterra then explained – were the subject of an inspection. Fortunately, they do not cause problems with static nature and practicability, the problem that conditions the decision to close the Casamicciola schools is mainly determined by the problem linked to the viability that at the moment it is felt in the municipality, both because there are roads that have not yet been cleared of mud, and because in others the journey is only allowed for emergency vehicles.Some of these roads should be traveled to get to school, therefore it is advisable to avoid roads are also tired by city traffic”.

430 BUILDINGS TO CHECK, AT LEAST 50 DESTROYED OR UNUSABLE – There are about 430 buildings in Casamicciola included in the yellow and red risk areas on which, starting tomorrow morning, the Fire Brigade, the Civil Protection of Campania and geologists will carry out new checks to ascertain whether or not the conditions they have determined still exist or not the decision to remove the residents, explained the commissioner for the emergency in Ischia Giovanni Legnini.

“Today we superimposed the buildings included in the red and yellow risk situations with the buildings unusable following the 2017 earthquake. It was found – explained Legnini – that of the 640 buildings that are classified for the purposes of degree of risk, precisely 480 buildings in the red zone and 160 in the yellow zone, around 160 are already unusable following the earthquake.Then the number of buildings temporarily unavailable is reduced from 640 to 480. Of these 480 buildings, a part, approximately 50 but it is a number being defined, it is certainly either destroyed or unusable, those further upstream and closest to the trigger point of the landslide. New checks will begin on the remaining 430 buildings tomorrow morning”.