Landslide Ischia, Pichetto: “It would be enough to put the mayor in jail and whoever lets it go”

The Minister of the Environment: “The disaster would have been avoided if they hadn’t built in the river bed and if the safety works had been done”

“It would be enough to jail the mayor and all those who allow” any building abuses. The Minister of the Environment said so Gilberto Pichetto Fratin to the microphones of Rtl102,5, according to which, moreover, “the disaster” of Ischia “would have been avoided if they hadn’t built in the riverbed and if the safety measures had been carried out. There are allocations for that area foreseen by ten years and today they are only at a planning level”, he recalled. “I would confiscate what is abusive to evaluate what is dangerous”, said the minister, according to whom it is necessary that “everyone really does their duty: from me to the last administrator”.

”Tenders and tenders are not issued, the officials are afraid to sign”, ”we have allocated funds for ten years but we don’t have the works”. ”Local errors add up to global ones. This combination causes the tragedies that we are forced to live,’ he said this morning in an interview with Corriere della Sera. ”I’m talking about illegal activity, neglect of the territory, poor maintenance of infrastructures and imperfect use of funds for the protection of the territory. And now the climate is changing, so the approach to carrying out the works must change ”, she underlines. The climate change adaptation plan, according to the minister, ”is a planning instrument for the identification of regional interventions which, as such, has been subjected to a strategic environmental assessment”.

The implementation of the opinion, explains Pichetto, ”requires significant technical additions that the structures of my ministry with the support of Ispra, having acquired the contributions from the Regions, will close by the end of the year, I assure you”. ”What is needed is to do the works and we have stopped doing them by dint of plans, checks, comparisons, monitoring and controls”, according to Pichetto. Compared to the figure according to which Italy spends 1 euro on prevention every 4 in an emergency, ”even a child understands that at least we need to start a process of reversing that data. It is the commitment of our government”, assures the minister.

”Italy has a great many public and private responsibilities and there are certainly entities in difficulty but -according to Pichetto- those figures must also be put in the conditions that if they sign an act they are not then prosecuted. There is often a problem of useless complications in processes: for this reason my dicastery has implemented a process of simplification. Citizens and businesses cannot wait years before obtaining a permit. The administrators must not be afraid to put a signature”.