Lanuzza (Cap Group): ‘EU calls for rapid and effective water network improvements’

“Europe and the United Nations believe in the importance of water infrastructure as a driving force for achieving the goals we have set ourselves for access to drinking water, for resilient infrastructure but also for the fight against climate change – he explains Andrea Lanuzza, general manager of Cap Group Management – To make this happen, the EU asks water network managers to industrialize and increase their investment and planning capacity in the area, all with a view to maximum effectiveness and efficiency: therefore quickly and well using public resources, with an eye to sustainability, both infrastructural and social and economic “.

Lanuzza’s reflection continues with the examination of the obstacles that hold back investors: “The water industry is not evenly distributed throughout the territory and this fragmentation of the service makes the activation of industrial logics impossible or very difficult for some realities.. Gruppo Cap has promoted the realization of the research carried out by ETicaNews in order to take a picture of the current situation and to reflect on the solutions for the future, which in our opinion is not far away “.