‘Last generation’ activists smear the PD headquarters in Milan

The police, after intervening, identified two men and a woman

They present themselves in front of a headquarters of the Democratic Party, smear the window with red paint and enter the room by chaining. It happened this afternoon in the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Milan, in Corso Garibaldi. The police, after intervening, arrested three people, one of whom allegedly chained herself inside the room. Digos agents accompanied two men and a woman, all in their thirties, members of the ‘Last Generation’ movement to the police station.

In the past, the environmental association had already started a series of hunger strikes in front of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, to ask the leaders of the main parties involved in the electoral campaign, namely Enrico Letta, Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, to commit to insert the eco-climate emergency in its political agenda. The action was made known by the same ‘Last generation’, who wrote in a note: “We have decided to interrupt the normal activity of one of the main circles of the Milanese Democratic Party in order to really talk to the people. It seems absurd but the crisis climate is so little present as an urgency in the debate that it is necessary to arrive at this in order to talk about it “. The environmental association concludes by appealing “to a party that says it cares about young people but does not have a clear plan for cutting emissions in the next 2-3 years, which are the last profits to do something”.

The requests made by the ‘latest generation’ to the main Italian political leaders are two. The first is a greater commitment to stem the climate emergency, by signing a decree law that prevents the opening of new hydrocarbon extraction plants, interrupts the reopening of disused coal plants and increases solar and wind energy by at least 20 GW. in the current year. The second is a public meeting open to citizens and journalists, to speak openly about the eco-climatic and social crisis.