Last generation activists, the Vatican condemns all acts of violence against art

The protests of the Last Generation activists continue to split public opinion, between those who condemn their actions and those who claim the importance of the demonstrative gestures made to raise citizens’ awareness of climate change. Now even the Vatican takes sides and condemns the deeds of the so-called “ecavandals”. “In attention to works of art, which have been a world heritage site for centuries and which have become destinations for tourists from all over the world”, underlines the Pro-Prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization, Monsignor Rino Fisichella, in a Vatican document on tourism, “it is useful to reiterate that their protection is everyone’s responsibility and for this reason all forms of violence that threaten their conservation must be condemned with conviction”.

“With mass tourism risk of loss of identity”

The Holy See then hopes for a “sustainable” and “responsible” tourism in which there is also room for “Christian hospitality”. In particular, Monsignor Fisichella underlines that “the Church has always recognized and supported the value and importance of art, culture and their safeguarding so that they allow us to know God and to keep Christian roots alive. The way of beauty is part an integral part of our mission to proclaim the Gospel and to promote the spiritual growth of believers. For this reason it is necessary that investments not only aim at mass tourism, a possible vehicle for the loss of cultural and religious identity. On the contrary, it is appropriate that while concentrate investments on infrastructure, promote the dignity of all workers in the tourism sector, so as to contribute to increasing the quality of their work and of tourism itself”.