Last in concert, stadium tour dates added in 2024

Last Stadiums 2024 The Tale Continues…next summer’s already record-breaking tour, reaches 10, with the doubling of Naples (8 and 9 June) And Turin (15 and 16 June)a new hat-trick at the Olympic Stadium in Rome (22 already sold out, 23 and 24 June) and the addition of a date zero to at the head Trieste (June 2). Currently away at Londonin the company of a piano and the magical autumnal atmosphere of one of his favorite cities, the Roman singer-songwriter returns to surprise his audience by announcing 4 new live dates, for a tour that promises to be the flagship of the 2024 live summer, yet another signed masterpiece Niccolo Moriconi.

Already last year Last Stadiums 2022” exceeded the ceiling of 600 thousand tickets for 15 dates with the conquest of the absolute scepter of summer live music, passing the baton to Ultimo Stadi 2023… The fairy tale continues, which only two months ago brought down the final curtain on a record show with 342,532 attendees, in just 6 fully packed dates. And in the mind-boggling numbers game there is no shortage of anniversaries: there were 3 magical sold-out nights at the Olympic Stadium this year, 3 they will once again be the Roman dates in the 2024 tour, with which Last will be confirmed for 3 years in a row top scorer of live music in the big Italian stadiums. An uninterrupted fil rouge, which began on 4 July 2019 with the first Olympic Stadium, the temple of his hometown, which represented a true baptism as well as a great achievement for the Roman singer-songwriter. Just the beginning of an incredible ascending parable that will take him in 2024 to an incredible list of 33 stadiums at just 27 years old in just 5 years (net of a pandemic).

Ultimo Stadi 2024… The tale continues
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