Last stage of the Cantatour 2022 in Barletta: the most famous city in Italy for the Challenge of 1503

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The city famous throughout Italy for the Challenge of 1503, in which 13 Italian knights clashed against as many French, was chosen as the closing stage of the Cantatour. Next 2 December the Radiobari tour, supported by Pugliapromozione and the Puglia Region, will be staged at the Curci theater in Barletta. A path that ends in beauty, after the success obtained first in Gioia del Colle and then in Altamura. Once again it will be the turn of Renato Ciardo to stage a real show of music and entertainment, assisted by the off-screen voice of Silvia De Sandi, author of the show.

A history of 203 years that of the Curci theater in Barletta, a structure that lived two different lives. The first gate dates back to 1819, the year in which the politeama dedicated to the Neapolitan sovereign San Ferdinando was inaugurated. A few decades later, however, in 1864, part of the theater collapsed and the company that set it up was unable to deal with the restructuring for economic reasons. It was then that the Municipality of Barletta intervened, with the intention of taking it over; a choice that led to the demolition of the old theater and a new construction. So here is the second life; in 1872 the new management decided to name the theater after a local artist, the musician from Barletta Giuseppe Curci.

But the Curci is only a part of the history of Barletta, a seaside city which is located in a privileged position due to its proximity to various places of cultural interest. First of all, Castel del Monte, a 13th century fortress commissioned by Frederick II of Swabia, today an excellent tourist attraction in Puglia. A little further north of Barletta, however, is Margherita di Savoia; although this is also a seaside resort, its famous thermal baths make it a place of interest in the colder months of the year. Among the attractions in the city center, however, worthy of mention is the Colossus of Barletta, the imposing Byzantine bronze statue that stands out in the center of Vittorio Emanuele. A giant of 4 and a half meters in height which dates back to 1500 and which, according to history, depicts the face of Theodosius II or Valentinian II.

Culture aside, like all of Puglia, Barletta too can have its say in the food and wine world, being surrounded by large areas of countryside, rich in vineyards, from which one of the best wines of the heel of Italy is born, the Rosso di Barletta DOC. While the food is influenced by the Bari area, with a vast assortment of savory dishes including cured meats and cheeses; the production of mozzarella and burrata is rich, as well as the Dauno pecorino produced in the North-East of Barletta, in the Tavoliere delle Puglie.

Between walks through the historic center and tastings, therefore, you can dedicate an evening to the pure fun offered by the Cantatour. On December 2, the public will also be able to perform singing the lyrics of Apulian artists, giving life to a show halfway between karaoke and bullfighting. Special guests of the evening will be Carlo Marrale and Silvia Mezzanotte.

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The show will also be broadcast on Telebari (on channel 17) and on Telebari’s social channels, as well as on the capital’s broadcaster’s HbbTv.