Last stop, the story of Samuel and Valentina: because they are in the program

Last stop, who are Valentina and Samuel and why they chose to participate in the format.

Last stop is a new program which premiered on television on Wednesday 23 March. At the helm is Simona Ventura. The format, behind which there are the historical authors of Maria De Filippi, Raffaella Mennoia and Luca Zanforlin, sees the protagonists of the couples who will eventually find themselves faced with a choice, to stay together or to separate.

Last Stop, Samuel and Valentina: who they are and why they are in the program (Credits: mediaset infinity)

Couples live in a house separated by a kind of mirror. If they want, those on one side can choose to see what their partner is doing live, without the latter seeing. In the first episode, two of the three couples we met chose to separate. Tonight we will meet other couples and we will know what happened to the third couple next time, Samuel and Valentina. Now, let’s find out why they chose to participate.

Last stop, who are Samuel and Valentina and why they are on the program

One of the couples in the new program Last stop is formed by Samuel and Valentina. Let’s find out who they are and above all why they chose to participate. Samuel is 27 years old and has been married to Valentina for about 6 years. Together they have two and a half year old twins.

In the presentation video, Simona Ventura, presenter of the format, explains their story. Apparently after the birth of the girls, Valentina realizes that Samuel wants to decide everything himself. She is allowed to be a mother and the couple does not even go out for a pizza. Things are getting worse and worse and so the woman makes an important decision, sends her husband a letter of separation from the lawyer.

Samuel Last stop
Credits: mediaste infinity

A few months ago he sent me this letter from the lawyer where he asks to have a divorce by mutual consent “, says Samuel. At this point, Valentina feels the need to let off steam with a person she already knew, a family friend, named Stefano. Samuel also explains in the video that a strong friendship has been created between the two. This friend of Valentina has become so important that the woman decides to go to sleep sometimes with him and Samuel knows it and knows that between the two there was never anything physical. Writing to Ultima Fermata is the man who wants to give himself and his marriage one last chance.

What will happen between Valentina and Samuel? We’ll see.