Last Tango in Paris, the making of the film will be a TV series

An immortal masterpiece in the history of cinema, a sensational case of censorship, a much more than controversial episode of exploitation and misogyny. Last tango in Paris, a 1973 film by Bernardo Bertolucci, was all of this. And all of this will be at the heart of the series Tango, directed by Lisa Brühlmann (Killing Eve) and José Padilha (Narcos).

The story of 18 months between production and success

The series, which is part of an international agreement between CBS Studios and Stampede Ventures, an independent company founded by former Warner Bros. Pictures president Greg Silverman, will focus on an 18-month period surrounding the film’s production and release. A year and a half that will embrace the various stages of production and the success of a film that was capable of grossing 186 million dollars, becoming at the time the third biggest American box office success for a foreign film.


The facts will be told through the points of view of the three protagonists of the film and of the story: Maria Schneider, Marlon Brando and Bernardo Bertolucci. Three radically different points of view, since if Brando and Bertolucci undoubtedly emerged victorious from the adventure, with an Oscar nomination (best actor and best director) and huge earnings, the co-star of the film, at the in her twenties, she was exploited and humiliated, receiving a salary of just $ 4,000, as written in the statement released by CBS and Stampede, and finding herself unwittingly and unwittingly at the center of a rape scene not foreseen in the script.


The episode, recounted several times by the actress, slipped into a spiral of psychiatric problems and abuse of alcohol and drugs to die in 2011 at 59 years still to be fulfilled, is the now infamous one of the stick of butter used as a prop without she was aware or consenting. This circumstance is also admitted by Bertolucci.


Tango it will be shot in Italy, France and the United States. Written by Jeremy Miller and Daniel Cohn, it will be directed by Lisa Brühlmann and José Padilha. Greg Silverman and JP Sarni of Stampede Ventures will executive produce, Meghan Lyvers will oversee the project for CBS Studios. “When José and Stampede contacted me, I was immediately captivated by the project and the opportunity to take a closer look at one of the biggest scandals in the history of our industry, although it wasn’t treated like this at the time,” commented Brühlmann. “The opportunity to immerse myself in that world, into these fascinating characters, and especially the opportunity to give a voice to Maria Schneider, is exciting.” For Padilha: “The director and the actors reveled in success as Maria’s pain was rejected. I am excited to explore a history of art ethics with Lisa Brühlmann, an important but often denied topic ”.