Last week of summer in Italy: weather forecast today and tomorrow

For another 7 days hot and good weather in practically all regions

Last week of summer in Italy with the African anticyclone that will continue to protect our country. After which autumn will arrive with heavy rains, thunderstorms and a climate that is certainly less hot. Until Friday 13 October therefore warm and good weather in practically all regions. Only in Liguria, in upper Tuscany and along the coasts of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia will cloudiness be more present, especially in the morning. There will also be local mists or temporary fog banks in the very early hours of the morning, especially on the Triveneto plains. Temperatures will continue to remain above the average for the period with maximum values ​​still above 30°C, not only in the Centre-North, but also in the South, such as in Sicily and Puglia.

However, all this will come to an end. Antonio Sanò, founder of, points out that the latest updates from the European Center predict a radical change in atmospheric circulation in Europe. Between Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October, the African anticyclone will gradually abandon Italy. The Atlantic currents will gradually become more intense. The entry of currents into the Mediterranean Sea, which is still too warm, will favor the genesis of a cyclone which will cause an intense phase of bad weather in many Italian regions. The rain will return, probably snow at altitudes close to 2000 metres, but above all the cool autumn weather will arrive with a significant drop in temperatures, even by 10°C compared to these days. Autumn will arrive.

Today, Monday 9 October – In the north: sunny with summer heat, mists on the plains. In the center: all sun and heat. In the south: good weather, rising temperatures.

Tuesday, October 10 – In the north: always sunny and summer heat. In the center: the beautiful summer weather continues. In the south: sun and heat increasing.

Wednesday 11 October – In the north: sunny, slightly less hot. Center: prevailing sun. In the south: sun and heat.

Trend – sunny with pleasant heat until at least Friday, then gradual subsidence of the anticyclone.