Latina, center-right councilors resign: Coletta mayor lapses

The mayor: “Black page of politics, now a commissioner management will open in a delicate moment in the country”

The 19 Latina center-right councilors resigned from the notary, resulting in the fall of the first citizen Damiano Coletta. “They simulated the suspension of 10 minutes in the City Council and did not return. In the meantime they went to the notary – the mayor explains to Adnkronos – I consider it a disrespectful gesture towards the municipal assembly and towards the city. these choices should be put in the face. They should have communicated it to the City Council. A black page of politics has been written that has offended the whole community. Unfortunately these are the behaviors of the pack that acts violently because it thinks violently. Now a commissioner management will be opened in a delicate moment in the country “.

“I don’t consider this a defeat, I always come out as a winner – adds Coletta, recalling that he won three times in the electoral campaign – Adopting a measure to hinder this process did not seem ethically correct to me: I went to the City Council and put my face to it, they don’t. They run away, unfortunately it is the herd of violent ones “.

In a video on Facebook, Mayor Coletta said: “Dear fellow citizens, it seems the time has come to say goodbye, at least for this season. The distrust of me by the center-right coalition seems certain, despite the city of Latina. in the ballot he expressed his confidence in me. Yesterday I appealed to a sense of responsibility by addressing the councilors of the center-right coalition. I remain convinced, given that this appeal has not been accepted, that this choice will lead to a heavy situation of stalemate with the city, because politics will be lacking in directing administrative actions, especially in such a delicate moment for our country. For now I leave the role of mayor with a clear conscience, with a straight back, to head held high, I also leave him as a winner, even if there are no majority numbers. I accept the opposition’s choice, no n do I have to make appeals. I tell all citizens that so far I have put my heart, commitment, passion, competence and experience into it “.