Laudadio (Tim Group): “We are in the era of interrupted training, accelerated times”

Brain aging in the past two years has been twice as high as in previous years. Among the causes is theacceleration of time because we do several things at the same time. We are init was of the interrupted formation and it is difficult to accept the model of the microlearningin which correct learning rhythms cannot be guaranteed. “To say so Andrea Laudadio, head of tim academy & development Tim- Telecom Italia Group speaking at the event ‘The future of training: what we have learned about skills in the last two years and how we need to rethink training‘, organized at the Learning Forum of Italian Communication, the Italian event dedicated to learning in companies and institutions. Main partner of the event is Microsoft and media partner Adnkronos.

“There is a great desire – he explains – to go back to being together; the percentage of abandonments in the workplace comes from the fact that that attempt to keep more things together at the same time can no longer be done, you cannot think of staying always learning and in order to overcome these things we try to give the important information immediately “.

“Skills are not sown – Laudadio warns – but they reap knowledge by producing them in the shortest possible time. The big theme is the contrast between the school model and the Netflix model, that is, fruition without time rigidity “.