Laura de la Fuente captivated everyone in a pastel swimsuit

This past 2022, laura de la fuente he graduated from school and had his big party with Máximo Bolocco and the rest of his friends. That is why she is now taking advantage of the time taking a paradisiacal vacation in Punta Cana with several colleagues. Her parents are proud of her and accompany her at all times.

Regarding his future, in a conversation with TiempoX, Laura he explained, “I’ve always been very much between acting and business. Even though they’re quite different in the studio, my idea has been to try and work them off each other until obviously there comes a point where I’ll just go with one and see.”

As for the school, Laura He assured: “He gave me very beautiful friendships, so I am also very happy. I think one of the best decisions we have made was to return to live in Chile”. In this regard, Angélica Castro expressed: “I am more than proud of the human being that Lau is. She is so whole, she is pure light, super resilient, very powerful. I have no doubt that what she does will be done very well, which is why I have given her total freedom so that she can see calmly ”.

Laura de la Fuente. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

And he continued: “We have always told her ‘go and feel what you want to do’, we will always support her. She loves numbers, commercial engineering, finance, she also loves acting “.” She took the PAES and alone she goes to see what she wants to do, she hasn’t defined it 100%, because she wants several things, “he concluded angelica castro to the same medium.

Laura de la Fuente. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

In the last few hours laura de la fuente She published several images from Punta Cana where she was enjoying herself with her friends and wearing a pastel green two-piece swimsuit. “How beautiful they are all!”, “Beautiful, just like your Ma”, “I love photography 2” and “Keep having a good time, youth divine treasure” were some of the messages she received, along with more than 6,000 likes.

Laura de la Fuente and her friends. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec