Laura de la Fuente demonstrates how to wear a ball gown at age 18

Although 2022 has not been easy for laura de la fuente and his family, all of them have known how to overcome bad times and media scandals. Although the 18-year-old girl was initially affected by the video that went viral of her father being unfaithful to her mother, she was finally able to learn from it and get ahead.

Last week Laura she attended an event that was held in the town of Las Condes and there she was consulted about her parents’ relationship. “I find that they are problems between two people and they have to be solved in the end between those two people. For me they are my parents. My vision is going to be like my mom and my dad, it would be something that they would see in the end and no one else , not even I should be very involved” he replied.

This week leading up to Christmas, Laura He has also been attending different events. Together with her mother, she participated in a wonderful meeting of the Nuestros Hijos Foundation. “After years of social outbreak and pandemic, we managed to celebrate together again in person, hug, kiss and gift ourselves to the Maximum. Thank you for so much love, spirit of improvement, solidarity, resilience and strength! Thank you to all the families, volunteers and companies that allow us to continue with this great dream” wrote angelica castro in a video with his daughter.

Laura de la Fuente at her graduation party. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

But one of the most important events for Laura It was probably the one on the night of this Saturday, December 3, where he finished his stage as a schoolboy. In his Instagram stories, he had shown his special graduation party, which was also attended by one of his great friends, Máximo Bolocco.

Laura de la Fuente with her parents at her graduation party. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

The influencer wore a silver sequined dress. For her makeup, she chose shadows in shades similar to her outfit so that everything combined. Her accessories were dangling earrings and a long necklace. The young woman posed with her father Christianwho looked handsome in a gray suit, and his mother Angelica in an elegant blue dress.

Laura de la Fuente at her graduation party with her friends. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec