Laura de la Fuente showed off her silhouette in a 2-piece swimsuit

Laura de la Fuente, who was recognized for her recent success in obtaining a prestigious university position at the Adolfo Ibáñez University, surprised her followers by sharing a photograph on her Instagram account. The young commercial engineering student, leader of the “Vivamos” list that won the student center elections, showed the relaxed side of her at the edge of the pool.

Laura de la Fuente. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

In the snapshot instagramLaura shines in a blue two-piece swimsuit as she enjoys a quiet moment by the pool. Choosing a swimsuit is not only a demonstration of her style, but also of her confidence and security, which have helped her to succeed both academically and as a student.

This photo was taken after “Vivamos” won the student elections with an overwhelming support of 563 votes and an approval rating of 57.6%. This victory highlights not only the leadership skills of Laurabut also its connection to the student community, which is reflected in its impressive participation rate of 29.06%.

The new role of Laura as Production Manager of the Student Center demonstrates his commitment to “leaving a mark in the hearts of students.” In addition to organizing events for the Faculty of Engineering, the management wants to inspire students and motivate them to achieve their goals through conversations with speakers.

Laura de la Fuente. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

In this photo, Laura de la Fuente Not only does he share intimate moments from his life, but he also shows how his balanced approach and leadership qualities go beyond academic achievements and encompass an authentic and fulfilling college life.