Laura Pausini in concert for the first time in Piazza San Marco in Venice, then in Seville

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2023 is the year of Laura Pausini.
Thirty years have passed since with the victory at the Sanremo Festival with the song “La Solitude”, the exceptional rise of Laura Pausini and an unprecedented career began, which in a few years consecrated her as the artist most awarded and listened to Italian in the world. Thirty years full of great successes, with over thirteen albums, 75 million copies sold worldwide and dozens of national and international awards, a Grammy Award, four Latin Grammys, a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination; she has collaborated with some of the most important artists in music history and has performed on the most prestigious stages in the world. NoIn 2023, five years after the last unreleased album Get in touch which brought her the last Latin Grammy and five years after her last live concert (2018), to celebrate this very important milestone, Laura Pausini wants to return to her people and embrace that audience that loved her and that – like she herself always loves to remember – she has “allowed her music to reach heights never dreamed of”.

For the first time in his career, to celebrate this very important event, the artist will perform in the majestic setting of San Marco square to Venice the June 30th and later into Plaza de España to Sevillecapital of Andalusia, the July 21: “In these 30 years, I think I have done almost a thousand concerts and live is the main reason why I love this profession.

I proudly call it that, because music is a serious matter.

It starts from a passion and when you have the luck and talent to make it your job, it takes a lot of study, discipline, perseverance, will and sacrifice.

It’s worth it.

I learned this job in the field, traveling right away, studying to sing in five languages, without ever giving up but still making many sacrifices.

I am always proud of it! Because singing across the world in Italian, songs written by Italians, with shows designed by Italians, is a thrill, every time.

I realized that in all these years, however, I had never sung either in Venice or in Seville and I want to start over from here, returning to the square, because my first tour in 1993 was right in the Italian squares.

With great enthusiasm I announce these two previews, which I will soon tell you in more detail, and which are just the anticipation of what will come later to thank you and to celebrate with you, what you gave me 30 years ago, changing my life and my dreams”.

Presale available from 4pm on Thursday 26 January to 3pm on Friday 27 January.
Tickets will go on sale from 16:00 on 27 January.
For information, visit the website