Laura Pausini, no to Sanremo: “They asked me but I can’t go”

“If I have a day off, I want to be with my daughter”

“The Sanremo Festival? They asked me, but I don’t think I’ll go.” Laura Pausini says no to participating in the Sanremo Festival 2024.

Personal reasons, linked to her family, to being a mother, to her work. “It’s the first year that I’ve done the tour with Paola, who among other things is in fifth grade and also has an exam. It’s not very easy in the mind of a mother to think of taking her away from school, I feel very guilty”, he says, presenting the new album of unreleased songs ‘Parallel Souls’ to the press today.

“We have decided that she will not come with us to Europe – he adds – When possible we will return to her at night. Instead in America we take her with us together with a tutor, see if it works. If I have a day without a concert, I repeat, I don’t go in Sanremo, I’m with my daughter.”

The artist answers questions about the Maneskins, who like her have an established international reputation. “I love Maneskin’s music very much, I am proud of their journey, a genre of music that I love infinitely, but they sing in English. Eros (Ramazzotti, ed.) and I are lucky, we are known, we have our careers, we can afford to do concerts and to be successful abroad and an audience that follows us fascinated by our language. But unfortunately that’s not the case for everyone. If you want to get on French radio, for example, you have to sing in French,” he says.