Lavinia Biagiotti: “Elisabetta a unique and extraordinary icon”

The president and CEO of Biagiotti Group met her in 2000: “Her charisma and sense of duty have continued to inspire me”

“Queen Elizabeth is a unique and extraordinary icon, an example of unparalleled service and dedication, a pillar that has marked history. I had the honor of meeting her in 2000 and I remember being deeply fascinated by her”. Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna, president and CEO of Biagiotti Group, daughter of designer Laura Biagiotti, who died in 2017, told AdnKronos. , Gianfranco Ferrè and Roberto Capucci.

“I was a young woman of 20 – Lavinia remembers – the occasion was the state lunch in the Quirinale organized for the official visit of the Queen. The President was Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. I remember that the ceremonial coordinated a small and orderly line to go to greet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, and that she was very cordial in greeting me. I was the youngest guest and the Queen gave me a smile that impressed me very much. Her charisma and sense of duty have continued to inspire me. ” .

That day, Lavinia explains, “lunch took place in a single majestic table in the shape of a horseshoe and, as per protocol, lasted 45 minutes. My mother Laura met her a second time in London, at the Embassy of Italy. Years earlier, in 1982, again at the Italian Embassy in London, my mother organized a private parade for Princess Margaret “.