Lavrov: “Who wants to defeat Russia does not know history”

“They draw the wrong conclusions from their understanding of the past and what Russia is

Western politicians who claim that Russia must be defeated know little of history. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, as reported by Tass, speaking in the context of the Gymnasium project. EM Primakova “100 questions to the leader”. “They say that Russia must ‘fail’, that it must ‘defeat’ it, make Russia ‘lose on the battlefield'”, said the head of Moscow diplomacy, speaking of “spells” cast by Western politicians who “They probably didn’t study well at school. They draw the wrong conclusions from their understanding of the past and what Russia is.”

Lavrov added that Moscow is concerned about the attempts of many Western governments to indulge manifestations of russophobia. “This is worrying”, he stressed, but he said he was convinced that in the end the West “will be forced to admit that it is impossible to constantly attack vital Russian interests, the Russians, wherever they live”.

Russia, he explained, will only rely on itself and on those countries that have proven their reliability and “do not dance to someone else’s tune”. “We will only rely on ourselves and on those countries that have proven their reliability and that don’t ‘dance to someone else’s tune’. If Western countries come to their senses and offer some form of cooperation, then we will decide,” he said. , however, explaining that if the West “when it gets over its ‘frenzy'” wants to offer the Russian Federation something in terms of resuming relations, Moscow will seriously consider whether it needs it or not.

Lavrov then highlighted that Russia wants to “stop depending on the supply of anything from the West to ensure the development of industries critical to the security, economy and social sphere of our homeland”.

“We were about to be expelled from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), to suspend our membership. We decided to do it ourselves. The Council discredited itself long before the current situation in Ukraine began,” he said. still.

After recalling that a large part of the Ukrainian population “is legally deprived of the opportunity to continue living using their mother tongue, to raise children in a Russian cultural key and in the Russian language”, and that for this reason, “after many years of warnings, having no other choice, we began to protect the security interests of the Russian population in the Donbass “, Lavrov added that Western countries have betrayed the United Nations Charter, which enshrines the principle of sovereign equality of states:” that sovereignty is theirs alone, ”said the minister.

Russia should focus on the Eurasian region in further developing the country and its capabilities, the Russian foreign minister said. “Now the center of world development has shifted to Eurasia. At present, we have the largest network of partnerships in the Eurasian region. We must rely on them for the further development of our country, its transport, transit and logistics “, he explained, underlining that Eurasia” is becoming the most promising region in the world “.

The head of diplomacy in Moscow stressed that these relations must develop “not by using someone else’s tools such as the dollar or the Swift financial messaging system” but “by creating our own. It is not that difficult to do”.