Lavrov: “With new US weapons, war can be expanded”

The warning of the Russian Foreign Minister: “Kiev demands are direct provocation aimed at involving the West in the military action”

Russia warns: the supply of long-range US rocket launchers to Ukraine could provoke a widening of the war. This is the warning of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during a press conference in Riyadh. “Such a risk (of involvement of third countries) certainly exists – he warned – What the Kiev regime is asking so categorically from its Western godfathers above all overcomes all the limits of decency and diplomatic communication and, second, is a direct provocation aimed at involving the West in military action “.

The head of diplomacy in Moscow then stressed that there are “healthy Western politicians” who understand the risk of a widening of the conflict and do not accept such a scenario. But, he accused, “to put it bluntly, there are politicians in the European Union, especially in the countries of the North, who are ready to indulge this madness to satisfy their ambitions, but the serious countries of the European Union, of course, they fully understand that such scenarios are unacceptable “.

Lavrov then said that Moscow has received “signs of reasonable assessments from Washington” regarding arms supplies to Kiev, “we have repeatedly communicated our position in this regard through the channels that exist between our countries, including Russia. and the main Western states know this well “.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan have agreed that Ankara will contribute to the demining of Ukrainian ports, Lavrov also said. “Following the conversation between Putin and Erdogan, an agreement was reached that Turkey will help organize the demining of Ukrainian ports in order to free the effectively held hostage ships, with the necessary goods for the developing countries. development, “he said.

The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the demining operation should take place without any attempt to strengthen Ukraine’s military potential and harm Russia.


The United States is adding “fuel to the fire” in the war in Ukraine. This is the accusation that came from the Kremlin spokesman, after the statements by President Joe Biden on sending “more advanced” missile systems to Kiev. “We believe that the United States is intentionally and deliberately adding fuel to the fire,” denounced Dmitry Peskov.