Law and order 22 – The two faces of justice, plot and episodes of the Sky TV series

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The 22nd season of Law and Order – The two faces of justicebegan on September 22, 2022 on CBS and will air in our country starting from March 12, 2023 on Sky Investigation.

Plot Law and order 22 – The two faces of justice

Law and Order is one of the longest-running US TV series ever, surpassing big titles like Bonanza And Dallas, without ever betraying its own nature. Since its appearance on the small screen, in fact, Law and Order was centered around fighting crime on the streets of New York. A series like many others, one might say, but in Law and Order reality has been able to stand out from the crowd by providing a double point of view, the judicial and the police. Everything is dealt with in a very thorough way, with a script written with the help of experts in the sector, who have been able to give the series a particular orientation, which makes it an interesting product also for lovers of judicial matters. There is great truthfulness in the themes addressed and as the years go by the series manages to perfect its story, as demonstrated by the 22nd season. The scenario in which the narration is inserted is always the same, New Yorkas well as the crime fighting carried out by detectives and police officers to one side and come on prosecutors on the other. Obviously, the characters have changed over the years and in the 22nd season we find the main protagonists Detectives Frank Cosgrove, arrived in the 22nd season, and the Detective Jalen Shaw, new entry in the 22nd. In court, on the other hand, two already well-known characters will battle it out, Deputy Prosecutor Nathan Price and Assistant Prosecutor Samantha Maroun. They will weave the main networks of history, assisted by all the other protagonists who form the New York crime squad. Aired for the first time in 1990, the series had a hiatus in 2011, when NBC decided to put it on hiatus but the pressure of the public and the strong interest around the series, as well as the strong influence that Law and Order had in the company, have pushed the production to reopen the set with the recording of a 22nd season, waiting to understand if there will also be a 23rd and if it will continue even longer.

Episodes of Law and order 22

Episodes of the 22nd season of Law and Order there are 18 in all. In the United States the first 16 have so far been aired and the conclusion is expected on April 6th, considering the irregular airing that the series is having on the NBC channel. In Italy, on the other hand, the first two episodes are scheduled to air on March 12, the third and fourth on March 19 and then the single episodes will be broadcast from March 26. These are the titles of the episodes aired so far in the United States:

  1. Gimme Shelter – Part Three
  2. Battle Lines
  3. Camouflage
  4. Benefit of the Doubt
  5. 12 Seconds
  6. Vicious Cycle
  7. Only The Lonely
  8. Chain of Command
  9. The System
  10. Land of opportunity
  11. Second Chance
  12. Almost Famous
  13. Mammon
  14. Heroes
  15. Fear and Loathing
  16. Deadlines