Law on online piracy, green light in the House

Ok unanimously, the text now passes to the Senate. More powers to Agcom and fines of up to 5 thousand euros. An awareness campaign is planned in schools

Unanimously, with 256 votes, the Chamber approved the bill on the fight against online piracy presented by the Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, after a process that was interrupted with the early end of the last legislature.

New powers at Agcom

The bill gives new powers to the Communications Authority to block websites that illegally broadcast live events (such as Serie A matches or premieres of films or entertainment programmes). In response to the notification of the TV rights holders, AGCOM is given the power to order the immediate shutdown – within 30 minutes – of the site that illegally broadcasts the content.

1.8 billion euros up in smoke every year

An automatic platform (which will be created by AGCOM within a few months of the approval of the law) will actually make it possible to inhibit network traffic towards illegal websites at the same time as reporting by the television rights holders. In this way it will be possible to more effectively protect the entire Italian creative and audiovisual industry, which sees 1.8 billion euros in turnover and almost 10,000 jobs go up in smoke every year precisely because of the piracy of films, series TV, fiction and live sports.

An increase in penalties is expected

An increase in penalties is also envisaged both for those who illegally make copyrighted content available, and for end users who risk fines of up to 5,000 euros. Furthermore, subjects who camcord (that is, record films at the cinema to spread them illegally on the web) will risk up to three years in prison.

Awareness campaigns in schools

The bill provides, especially in schools, communication campaigns and public awareness of the importance of intellectual property. According to an Ipsos survey, about half of the people who have accessed illegal content have no perception of the seriousness of their behaviour. Alarming data, which make a strong persuasion action of the citizens-users by the Institutions unavoidable.