Lazio and Lombardy regional elections: here is Find President, the test to figure out who to vote for

On 12 and 13 February, the citizens of Lombardy and Lazio vote for the renewal of the regional councils and choose the new presidents of the region. Sky TG24 and Quorum YouTrend have created a tool to help voters find their way among the various candidates in the running. By answering a few questions it is possible to find out which aspiring governor or female governor has the positions closest to those that emerged from the answers

The regional elections of 12 and 13 February in Lazio and Lombardy are just a few days away (CANDIDATES IN LAZIO – CANDIDATES IN LOMBARDY). To help voters find their way among the various candidates in the running, Sky TG24 and Quorum YouTrend have created Trova Presidente, a new tool that allows, by answering various questions, to find out which aspiring governor or female governor has the positions closest to those emerging from the answers from the user taking the online test. The topics on which the quiz is based range from public transport to health.

When you vote

On Sunday 12 and Monday 13 February there will be votes in Lazio and Lombardy for the regional elections. The polls will be open from 7 to 23 on Sunday 12 February and from 7 to 15 on Monday 13 February. Both electoral laws provide for the direct election of the President of the Region and of the Regional Council in a single round, by direct suffrage. The vote is expressed on a single ballot, which shows the provincial lists and the regional coalitions of candidates for councillors, linked to one’s own or one’s candidate for president.

Who are the candidates in Lombardy

In Lombardy there are four candidates in the running. Outgoing governor Attilio Fontana is presenting himself for a second term, supported by the entire centre-right coalition. Seventy years old, long-time exponent of the League, Fontana was also mayor of Varese, his city, between 2006 and 2016, and has a past as a lawyer. The Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement focus on Pierfrancesco Majorino, MEP, in Brussels since 2019, was councilor for social policies of the Municipality of Milan for 8 years, first with Giuliano Pisapia and then with the current mayor Beppe Sala. Also in the running is Letizia Moratti, candidate for governor for the Third Pole (Azione+Italia Viva). Minister of Education under the II and III Berlusconi governments, Moratti was mayor of Milan from 2006 to 2011. In recent months she has held the role of vice president of the Region, with responsibility for welfare, a position from which she resigned in November 2022. Finally there is the sociologist Mara Ghidorzi, who will represent Unione Popolare (a coalition that includes the Communist Refoundation, Potere al Popolo and De.Ma). Among the main themes of the candidate are the house, with particular reference to the management of Aler of regional competence, rights and the environment.

Who are the candidates in Lazio

In Lazio, on the other hand, there are 6 candidates to succeed Nicola Zingaretti. Alessio D’Amato is the name chosen by the Pd: in addition to his civics and the dem, he is supported by the progressive Catholics of Demos, +Europa-Radicali-Volt, the Greens-Left, the Psi and the Third Pole. The M5s runs alone with Donatella Bianchi, former number one of the WWF, she is a journalist in Rai and for many years she has led Blue Line. At the moment, he is also president of the Cinque Terre National Park. The center-right has chosen Francesco Rocca, former head of the Red Cross, supported by FdI, Forza Italia, the League, the Moderates – leaders Vittorio Sgarbi – and then the UDC and the civic list. The other candidates are Sonia Pecorilli for the Italian Communist Party, Fabrizio Pignalberi for Quarto polo and Insieme for Lazio, Rosa Rinaldi for Luigi de Magistris’ Unione Popolare.