Lazio, center-right towards ok in Rocca: Meloni puts Red Cross number one in pole position

In the end, except for last-minute surprises, it will be that of Francesco Rocca, president of the Italian Red Cross, the name of the center-right candidate for the challenge to the Lazio Region, where the vote will take place on Sunday 12 and Monday 13 February. Rocca, on which Giorgia Meloni asked the center-right to converge as a ‘civic’ candidate, was preferred to the other two political candidates, proposed by Fdi, in the trio sent to the allies, the Lega and Forza Italia, which also included Fabio Rampelli, vice-president of the Chamber and Fdi MEP Nicola Procaccini. On the ‘civic’ name, both the parties of Silvio Berlusconi and that of Matteo Salvini have made it known that they are in harmony with the leader of Fdi, not without some murmurs from Forza Italia that they would have preferred a political candidacy.

Closing the party for the tenth anniversary of Fdi, on Saturday evening in Piazza del Popolo Meloni recalled how “the indication of the candidate for president in the Lazio regional regions belongs to Fdi”. To then add: “But I really care that there is a name shared with the allies. And therefore I will make a shortlist of three names to the allies and by Monday we will announce the name of the candidate”. Name, that of Rocca, which however authoritative sources of the center-right already give for sure today. Name on which the confrontation between the center-right formations remained open up to the end, as shown, for example, by the words of the blue coordinator of Rome, Maurizio Gasparri, who after speaking “of all respectable names”, with reference to the triad , explained that he is “convinced that politicians and politicians are the best suited to carry out the typical functions of politics”.

For candidate there will be no run-off risk, not foreseen in Lazio

The Michetti affair also weighed in, another ‘technical’ name that the center-right had launched for the Municipality of Rome, receiving a rejection from the Capitoline electorate, who preferred dem Gualtieri in the second round. Now it’s Rocca’s turn, who will face Alessio D’Amato, former candidate of the Democratic Party and Third Pole, and a candidate of the Five Star Movement, also supported by formations of the left, who has not yet emerged. But in the February vote there is no ballot: in fact, the candidate who obtains the highest number of votes is proclaimed president of the Region, without the need for an absolute majority.