Lazio: “Daspo for life for the three identified after anti-Semitism in the derby”

The club will also seek compensation for damages

Daspo for life from Lazio matches for the three individuals under investigation for discrimination and anti-Semitism in the last derby between the Biancocelesti and Roma. The lub from his site lets him know. “During Sunday’s match, Lazio-Roma, and in the days immediately following, three people were identified who engaged in behavior that has nothing to do with fan support and that manifests forms of discrimination and anti-Semitism. Thanks to the collaboration between the Lazio Sports Club, its security service, the stewards and the forces of order, also through the use of the surveillance cameras of the Stadio Olimpico, a person wearing the shirt with number 88 bearing the inscription “HITLERSON” and two others who ostentatiously made the gesture of the Roman salute”.

“With regard to them, once the administrative procedure of the security bodies has been concluded and authorization has been obtained from the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the Police Chief to provide the personal details of the three subjects, Lazio will strictly apply the Code of Ethics and will order the non-appreciation therefore the will be barred for life from the stadium and will appear as a civil party for the claim for damages in any criminal proceedings that will follow”.