Lazio elections, Lombardi: “Alliance M5S-Pd? On Regions chosen from below”

But from sources of the Movement they define the possibilities of an agreement as “reduced to a flicker”

“The line that prevails in the Lazio Region is that of not talking about alliances at a time when all efforts must be aimed at resolving the ‘expensive life’ and the crazy bills: talking about political agreements would be surreal towards families and businesses. When the time comes, the Regions will have their saybecause on alliances it is right that the decision comes from the bottom up and not vice versa “. In short, that it is the territory that decides and not the parties. He tells Adnkronos Roberta Lombardicouncilor for ecological transition in the Lazio Region, about a possible alliance with the Democratic Party, an alliance that in the Region where she was elected in the ranks of the M5S, candidate for governor, is still standing.

With the Democratic Party “at present we work without thinking or talking about the alliance issue – assures the former parliamentarian -: at the moment we are focused on the energy costs that affect families and businesses, jointly, the whole junta is working to find a package of resources and refreshments to be put in place to support those in difficulty. This is the priority for now, not alliances. Then we will see later … “.

However, authoritative sources consulted by the Adnkronos from the Movement define how “reduced to a flicker, to put it mildly” possible alliances with the dem in view of the regional. The idea that prevails in the headquarters in via di Campo Marzio is to develop a unified strategy while taking into account the different realities that will arise with respect to Lazio, Lombardy, Molise and Friuli Venezia Giulia, the next regions expected to test the vote. But the eyes are focused above all on Lazio, the ‘orphan’ of Nicola Zingaretti – fresh from a seat in the Chamber – while the agreement between dem and pentastellati alla Pisana holds up to the last months of government, despite the dark clouds coming due to the waste-to-energy plant in Rome.

To hear the men closest to Conte, the alliance will not be made: “Trust has failed, Giuseppe no longer trusts …”. But behind the niet, according to some internal reasoning, there could also be the electoral result scored in the policies, with the M5S having ‘cannibalized’ part of the Pd electorate. A pattern to be repeated, especially in Lazio: “how can one think of forging an alliance while Gualtieri in Rome builds the incinerator of discord?”, Or rather the mine that blew up the national unity government led by Mario Draghi. Also for this reason, the suggestion of a new ‘solo’ crossing seems to prevail.

On the regional front, then, there is a risk of reopening – in part it already is – the question of the ceiling of the two terms, because there are those who trust in a ‘softening’ of the Grillo line, on elections where the local old councilors, about thirty of those affected by the golden rule of the Movement – is decisive. But both Grillo and the Count himself would be to keep the bar straight and avoid exceptions, maintaining the commitment made with the voters as already happened with the Sicilian regional elections. Especially since, after the result scored on 25 September, the analyzes on the electoral results link a return of enthusiasm of the voters also to the fact that the rule of double mandate has been maintained.