Lazio elections, Pd: “Conte obsessed with us, opponent is right”

The Nazarene: “From him tones full of rancor and hatred. He wants to break positive experience, an error that must be avoided”

“Conte now has an obsession for the Democratic Party. It just seems that he can’t realize that the opponent is the right. The right that governs the country and which risks, due to its choices, also govern Lazio. “This is the judgment of the Nazarene on the words of Giuseppe Conte in a press conference in the afternoon.

“Today he received tones and arguments steeped in harshness and full of resentment and hatred. The impression is that he simply does not want to seek convergence and is preparing for a solitary race. And therefore that he prefers that the long and positive experience of Lazio’s progressive government end and the right win. We acknowledge this even if we think it is a mistake and we believe that this outcome – they conclude from the Nazarene – should be avoided and that it can still be avoided “.