Lazio, Group property. In January he becomes the owner again

The footballer has overcome physical problems

Ciro Immobile practically missed the last month of the championship due to a muscle problem. The recovery proceeds quickly and the player is already training in a group with his teammates.

He missed the last 5 of the championship, except to play only a few minutes against Monza before raising the white flag also for the away match in Turin with Juventus. Now, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if partially, the attacker played the whole session with his team-mates, skipping only the mini-match on a reduced pitch at the end of training. Previously he had limited himself to differentiated sessions for the last muscle fatigue a few hours before the match at the Stadium. He will have a month and a half ahead of him to completely dispose of the physical troubles and find his optimal condition again. The goal is obvious and feasible: Immobile wants to be a starter in Lecce-Lazio on 4 January. His return from the 1st minute was too important for Sarri who, in his absence, reinvented himself with discrete results Felipe Anderson from false nine. But it is clear that having or not having Ciro makes all the difference in the world. for Adnkronos