Lazio overturns Frosinone 3-1

Ciociari took the lead in the 57th minute, cameback in two minutes, third goal in the 84th minute

Lazio overturned the match against Frosinone at the Olimpico with a clear 3-1, displaying a proud reaction after the Ciociari took the lead from a penalty in the second half after a first half that ended with nothing: 3-1 on final results. The biancazzurri close 2023 of the Serie A championship in eighth place and 27 points, threatening Napoli with 28 after today’s 0-0 draw against Monza, guest at Maradona.

The match

In the 4th minute Lazio’s first attempt with Castellanos heading the ball goes over the crossbar. Frosinone tries in the 11th minute with Harroui, the ball goes wide. Kamada tries to break the deadlock for Lazio following a free kick in the 16th minute, Okoli saves and the white-blue volley goes over the goal. The two then collide four minutes later and are left on the ground, play interrupted but no injuries and the match at the Olimpico resumes. In the 32nd minute Zaccagni shoots but Turati blocks with his fists. Frosinone tries in the 36th and 37th minutes with Gelli and Barrenechea, and in the 41st minute Zaccagni again: all attempts well outside of their respective goals.

In the second half, the first minute with the first thrill of the match with Pellegrini shooting hard from far away, the ball goes out just to the left of Turati. A few minutes later Pellegrini comes off due to a muscle pain, with Hysaj replacing him. The turning point for Frosinone came in the 54th minute after Guendouzi’s great effort in the Lazio area, it was a clear penalty and confirmed by VAR. Soulé converted in the 57th minute. Lazio reacted great, overturning the temporary deficit in two minutes: in the 70th minute with Castellanos heading a cross from Isaksen, the lead was achieved in the 72nd minute by Isaksen, this time served by Castellanos. The Argentine scored again in the 80th minute but the goal was disallowed for offside. In the 84th minute the match ended with Patric’s goal. Six minutes of added time.