Lazio Region, De Angelis again in the storm. Pd: “Resignation, Meloni intervene”

The head of communications wanted by Governor Rocca in the opposition’s sights for an anti-Semitic song and a post in which he winks at Himler

Jews sung as “a race of merchants” who “raped our women” in a passage written 30 years ago and then a more recent post on his Instagram page that seems to wink at the Nazi Himmler rekindle the controversy over Marcellus De Angelis, head of communication of the Lazio Region already targeted for the statements made some time ago on the Bologna massacre of which he denied the fascist matrix.


To defend himself after the indignation also expressed by the Jewish community, yesterday he himself intervened clarifying that the song ‘exhumed’ from the archives no longer represents him. “The lyrics of the song ‘Settembre Nero’ – explains De Angelis – date back to a period of my life in which I don’t recognize myself. Reading those words again today I feel embarrassed and horrifiedjust as today I wouldn’t rewrite other songs made in the past”, he assures.

“In the last twenty years my life has radically changed, also and above all thanks to my humanitarian experience in the Red Cross – continues De Angelis – In these twenty years I have radically changed my vision of life, of humanity and of myself. I am aware that the lyrics of that song can still cause offense and suffering today. Unfortunately I cannot go back and erase the past – he says – I can only commit myself every day to repair”.


But the political storm does not subside and today it is renewed with the Democratic Party which in unison is asking for the resignation and the intervention of the prime minister. “The De Angelis case is a national problem because it is a vulnus for our democracy and for our anti-fascist Constitution”, attacks by Pd Sandro Ruotolo, head of Culture and memory in the national secretariat of the party. “The president Meloni can’t wash his hands of it – insists Ruotolo – declassifying the case to a local fact”. And defining those made by De Angelis as “convenient apologies” after the declarations on the Bologna massacre, he states that “the demonstration of his lack of repentance lies in that anti-Semitic post a year ago in which he praises the Nazi Himmler and which has not been removed. For us Marcello De Angelis can no longer fill that institutional role“.

“The former leader of the beam-rock group 270 bis he doesn’t have time to make a public apology for his former Nazi ideals that he swore he relegated to a past he can’t erase, that new gruesome details are being discovered today“, attacks the regional councilor of Lazio and coordinator of the National Secretariat of the Democratic Party, Marta Bonafoni. “Only a few months ago, on her Instagram page – underlines Bonafoni – a photo of a candelabrum appears which would seem to recall the deeds of the war criminal Heinrich Himmler ”.

“De Angelis’s resignation is now a necessary act” also for the deputy dem Andrea De Maria who invokes the intervention of the president Meloni. “Fdi intervenes. We need a sign of respect for the memory of the victims of the massacre of 2 August, of Nazi-fascism and neo-fascism”.