Lazio regional elections, on February 3 comparison between candidates on Sky TG24

Face to face between Donatella Bianchi, Alessio D’Amato and Francesco Rocca, live tomorrow at 20.30 on the all-news channel which will be broadcast on February 13 with a special with guests and comments on the outcome of the administrations in Lazio and in Lombardy

Comparison is back on Sky TG24. The all-news channel directed by Giuseppe De Bellis will host face-to-face meetings between the candidates for the leadership of the Lazio Region, in view of the elections of 12 and 13 February. Alessio D’Amato, Francesco Rocca, Donatella Bianchi will be guests on Friday 3 February, live at 20.30 from the Rome studios, to answer questions from Fabio Vitale who will moderate the debate.

The comparison”

Candidates will compete according to a well-defined regulation shared between their staff and the editorial staff. The “Confrontation” which has always been characterized by being focused solely on the contents, has always had clear rules from the very first meetings hosted by the all-news channel: positioning order defined by draw, answers marked by a countdown, the same possibilities for everyone to reply , cross-referenced questions among the candidates, a final appeal. The channel’s commitment therefore continues, which for years has supported the importance of face-to-face meetings between candidates as a duty of those who govern and a right of voters, in order to inform about programs and proposals and favor a choice in the polls as soon as possible possible reasoned. Comparing different visions, even opposing ones, is an opportunity that the magazine responsibly offers to citizens, to those who are candidates to represent them and lead institutions at any level.

At the same time, Sky TG24 had addressed the same invitation for Il Confronto to the candidates for the Presidency of the Lombardy Region, however, not obtaining the adhesion of all the aspiring Governors.

The Sky TG24 special aired on February 13th

On the occasion of this administrative electoral round for Lazio and Lombardy, over 12 million Italians will go to vote. Its outcome will be told and analyzed on Sky TG24 with guests and connections in a special broadcast from 2.30 pm on 13 February. In addition to Sky channels 100 and 500 and digital terrestrial channel 50, the Comparison and the special will also be visible in streaming on the website. The debate around the topics covered will also extend to the Sky TG24 Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels, where it will be possible to follow and comment in real time using the hashtag #ConfrontoSkyTG24.