Lazio regionals, center-right event for Rocca. Meloni: “After 10 years still here”

Standing ovation for the premier upon his arrival at the Rome Auditorium: “Proven that you can do politics without selling yourself out”

“This is not a place like any other, in this same room Fdi was born on 16 December more than 10 years ago”. Thus Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, speaking at the center-right event in support of Francesco Rocca for the regional elections in Lazio, at the Conciliazione Auditorium. “In this same room that day, in addition to the courageous gesture of Guido Crosetto, who became famous for taking me in his arms – if he did it today he would suffer a herniated disc – an experience was born which from the day of his birth was described as doomed. When we were born, for all of us we should have remained on the sidelines, we were destined to disappear. We have not disappeared or remained on the sidelines”, remarked the Fdi leader.

The entire staff of the centre-right is in the audience at the Conciliazione Auditorium for Francesco Rocca as president. The centre-right candidate for the presidency of the Lazio region is seated in the front row between Meloni and Defense Minister Guido Crosetto. From Tajani to Salvini the government ministers were present, some of whom followed one another on stage for the speeches. Giovanni Donzelli, the FdI deputy who ended up in the storm for the Cospito case, was also in the audience.

“The condition you start from doesn’t define anything, what others think is your role isn’t necessarily your role. What makes the difference is what you can demonstrate. This doesn’t only apply in politics, it’s a lesson for everyone the Italians who have sometimes ended up treating their difficulties as if they were an alibi. You can always make a difference if you put your dedication and courage into it,” Meloni said again.

“We have kept our commitment to secure the Italian right”, to build “a modern right, we wanted to strengthen the center-right by working to bring it back to government of the nation and we have done this too. We have shown that politics can be done at very high levels without ever selling yourself out, lowering your head and becoming something different from what you were. But the most difficult challenge comes today,” the premier said.

“We will have to dodge a thousand traps, put up with lies, low blows”, added Meloni. “We need discipline, concentration, awareness of who we are, awareness and vision. We don’t lack any of this”, she underlined.


“We chose Rocca because he is an Italian excellence known throughout the world”, he is “the first Italian who managed to become president of the largest voluntary association in the world”, underlined the premier speaking in support of Francesco Rocca’s candidacy for the Lazio region, former president of the Italian Red Cross and of the International Federation of the Red Cross.


“The State must not deal with the mafia and I also believe that the State must not deal with those who threaten it”, Meloni said, referring to the threats by anarchists to the State aimed at obtaining the abolition of the 41 bis, the prison regime to which Alfredo Cospito is subjected.


On 9 and 10 February “there will be an important European Council, Europe is finally starting to treat the central Mediterranean route as a priority”, said Meloni. “We have tried to establish rules for NGOs, but this too has been contested. If your work is lifesaving, when you save someone you take them and you have to save them immediately, if you leave them on a ship for weeks until the ship is full, that’s not rescue, it’s ferry,” he added.


“From the end of this year, those who can work will work. We will do everything possible to put those people in a position to work by promoting growth and new hires. But it is another thing to hear ‘Meloni takes away my income and wants to send me to steal’ Between income and stealing, there is first the option of going to work…”, the prime minister said, assuring: “We will continue to take care of those in need of support”.


“Unlike what they say”, with differentiated autonomy “we don’t take away from some to give to others: if you manage your resources and your skills well, I’ll consider letting you manage other skills”.