Lazio, Rocca: “In the field to improve the quality of life of citizens, in health care to intervene on the Recovery”

“Zingaretti wished me good luck, cordial call with D’Amato”

“I applied to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Lazio”. This was stated to Adnkronos by Francesco Rocca, candidate of the centre-right for the presidency of the Lazio Region. “Let’s think of healthcare, waste, transport with thousands of commuters who face an ordeal every day: there are a series of topics on which I think I can make my skills available”, he continues.

“We will present the program in the next few days, we are working on it – he underlines – Healthcare is there for all to see, it is in disarray and corrective interventions are needed. Today in Lazio we cannot speak of a universal health service: citizens are waiting months for outpatient care services or for surgery. There is a need to regain control of the services: the ‘Recovery’ does not fully express its potential”. “If you want to book a visit to the many accredited facilities, you have to call the individual facilities instead you have to make sure that there is full governance of the services on this too”, continues Rocca according to which “we also need to find sufficient resources to ensure that the additional services of health personnel allow the reduction of waiting lists consistent with the treatment needs of our citizens”. Among the first interventions, concludes Rocca, precisely the one on the “Recovery” and to set up a “serious programming”.

WASTE – As for waste, “on the subject of Rome’s waste-to-energy plant there is a State law, it is not the responsibility of the Region”, says Rocca according to which “there is political schizophrenia on the case: a Region which makes a plan without a waste-to-energy plant and the same party that puts it”. “The most important thing is that the waste cycle is closed and landfills are overcome: on this there will be consistency on my part and we must act quickly”, he concludes.

THE TEAM – If he is elected, his junta will be made up of “capable and competent people”. The presence of women is “obvious”, Rocca adds that naming names is “premature” even if “I know many capable people who want to get involved”. “At the right time, after the elections, we will work to give Lazio a team up to an enormous challenge,” he concludes.

THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN – “The Region has been at a standstill for 10 years”, continues Rocca, underlining that with the main challenger, the centre-left candidate Alessio D’Amato, “the competition will be based on facts”. A competition “certainly very respectful on the human profile, but based on facts, projects and ideas, on what has been done and hasn’t been done in ten years. In ten years the face of the Region could have changed and this is not happened, it is there for all to see”. According to Rocca, the judgment on the Region cannot be limited to the management of the Covid emergency: “I believe that citizens are more mature: it is as if Covid has frozen our perception, the impact on our lives has been so strong, but now that we return to normal, our normality is even worse than before Covid”.

Regarding the criticisms for the story of a drug conviction when he was a boy, Rocca replies: “Humanly it is painful, 38 years have passed and I think I have demonstrated what I am worth, my professional skills. it is painful. I hope for a civil campaign, based on programs and on the ability to do things: the complexity of this Region deserves to fly high and not give in to prudence over the events of 38 years ago”.

“Zingaretti called me, he wished me good luck”, reports the center-right candidate for the presidency of the Lazio Region, recounting having received the call from the former governor of the Region after the officialization of his descent into the field. Furthermore, in the previous days, “D’Amato called me telling me that, in the case of my candidacy, it would be a fair challenge; it was a very cordial call”. “In these days I will meet the regional coordinators to fine-tune the government program and the stages of the electoral campaign”, continued Rocca.